Hotel Loiri Porto San Paolo Residence Hotel sul Mare Lu Nibareddu


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Situated in the tourist spot Porto Taverna, renowned for ist's beautiful beaches with a view of the Island of Tavolara, the Residence Hotel "Lu Nibareddu" blends in perfectly with the unspoiled surroundings of a sea of innumerable shades of blue - the thriving scub with its numerous bushes of juniper, from wich the name of the Residence derives.

The various apartments are villas of brich-work, built conveniently close to all the necessary facilities and places of entertainment but at the same time affording the privacy needed for a relaxing holiday.

The complex of buildings starts at the beach and follows the slope of a caracteristic hill of junipers and flowers right to every "hearth" of the village where you can find a restaurant/pizzeria, swimming pool, 5 a side football and tennis courts and a small theater. A snack bar and mini-restaurant for lunch are situated directly on the beach.


Take the highway 131 from Olbia in direction Nuoro, exit Vaccileddi-Santa Giusta. Reach Vaccilledi and at the cross turn on the right (ss 125) with diretcions Monte Petrosu after Montepetrosu, turn left and follow the signs Residence Hotel Lu Nibareddu.

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