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Holidays Sardinia the best Beach and Apartments, Villas and Hotel

The natural beauty, Sardinia has the very best the Mediterranean has to offer: turquoise waters and wide sandy beaches, long hours of sunshine, fine cuisine and a laid back lifestyle. The aim of this section is to give you a complete run down on the place that you intend to visit in Sardinia. On the left you will find a list of destinations


Cagliari gastronomy

The tasty gastronomy from Cagliari contains both the Genoese cooking and the Catalan one. The result is given by varied and singular dishes, as the mazzamurru, that is a soup made with stale bread, the guisau, a kind of stew and the cassola, a fish soup. Then you can eat the famous malloreddus (hand made little dumplings), of Genoese origin and ...


Itineraries of Sardinia

Holidays in Sardinia Island (S.Antioco)

Holidays in Sulcis district, which covers the south-west region of Sardinia, gets its name from the ancient town of Sulci on the island of S.Antioco...


Orani Beautiful (Holiday Culture in Sardinia)

Holiday Culture in Nuoro The little-known town of Orani, 30 km from Nuoro, has an important claim to fame. Housed in its Nivola Museum are remnants ...


Holidays in northern Sardinian (Alghero)

(Holidays) Alghero, ancient feudal territory of the Genoese, was colonized towards the middle of the 14th century by the Catalani family, who called ...


Roman ruins of Tharros

With the Gulf of Oristano as a backdrop and a Spanish tower overlooking it, the ancient Roman ruins of Tharros are popular amongst visitors to ...


Cagliari is the hub of Sardinia

The name of this town has got a very old origin and it is supposed that even the nuraghic civilizations called the town Karal or Karallai. The name ...