November and Dicember in Sardinia for Holidays and Culinary

Acccomotation in Sardinia, Italy. Explore with us the island's culinary specialties

Sardinia is one of the fastest growing and most fascinating wine regions in Italy. Using centuries-old cultivation methods, locals have developed varieties seldom seen anywhere else, including spicy reds (Cannonau, Carignano, and Nuragus) and crisp whites such as Vermentino. Sardinia's rare breeds are now considered among the very best wines in Italy, and the rest of the world is starting to take notice.

Raffaele Solinas is one of several Sardinian chefs in the United States who are taking advantage of the island's growing popularity as a tourist destination and respected wine region. In 2002, Solinas opened Osteria del Sole on a leafy corner in New York City's Greenwich Village, proudly showcasing traditional Sardinian fare and a full range of the island's wines. Encouraged by crowds of regulars, he opened Assenzio in the East Village a year later, securing a Sardinian presence across downtown Manhattan. Read on for his authentic Sardinian recipes and tips.

In Sardinia more people live to be 100 or older than anywhere else in the world. And as a scientific study has shown, this longevity is attributable not to the Sardinian gene pool but rather to the island?s relaxed and healthy lifestyle. But by no means do Sardinians live like monks. Indeed, Sardinia is an earthly paradise for people who love fine food, including fragrant bread fresh out of the oven, delectable skewered meats roasted over an open pit, spectacularly fresh seafood, countless varieties of Sardinian Pecorino cheese, not to mention fresh fruits and vegetables directly from the grower and of course full-bodied wines. Sardinian cuisine is famed for its use of fresh, in-season ingredients from the Mediterranean region. And what could be better than enjoying a glass of Sardinian red wine while you wait for your pasta, porchetto or arragosta and pick out words you understand from the undercurrent of neighboring conversations. Memorable too are visits to Sardinia?s cantina sociale where local wines, including Grappa, are produced and sold.

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