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Sardinia Last minute September is the best time to be in Sardinia

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Sardina the ideal place for relaxing holidays from spring time through to September.
The Silver rock sculptures of Sardinia have been forged by millennia of the north westly wind that buffets sardinia through the winter months. On these windly days Sardinia's coastline appears decorated with hundreds of coloured sails of the surfboards that have migrated to coach the best waves in Europe.
Whether it's relaxing by the beach or trying your hand at the multitude of water sports and when the day has finished there is nothing like passing the evening away enjoying the very best of italian cuisine and our locally made wines.
The island's beaches are some of the cleanest and least crowded in Italy. The capital is Cagliari, a good base from which to explore other parts of the island. The National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari contains prehistoric tombs and other significant artefacts from the Punic and Roman periods. The resort of Costa Smeralda is a place of luxury and opulence, not suited to budget tourists, although interesting as a short stop. The Spanish tinted port of Alghero is the favoured package destination, especially among British holidaymakers. The inland town of Nuoro is a good station from which to explore the Gennargentu mountain range and enjoy the traditional village festivals. The Sardinian landscape is peppered with constructions from the ancient Nuragic civilisation. These stone structures are unique to Sardinia and are must-see sites. They are however not easily accessible as they lie in isolated spots throughout the island.


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