Posada (Holidays in province of Nuoro)

Posada is situated in province of Nuoro, 45 Km away from Olbia and Golfo Aranci and near San Teodoro, another famous holiday resort of the island.
Posada is a small but charming locality, with about 2032 inhabitants, situated in the midway between the coast and the wonderful Sardinian hinterland.
Posada is part of the subregion?s territory called Baronža, that extends from the pastures of the hinterland hills, to the plain of Rio Posada and finishes into the sea on the coast.

Posada is a beautiful medieval area in Sardinia. The focal point is a medieval fort which sits on a hill surrounded by walls and little houses. The old bastion was built by the ....family. Today Posada attracts tourists because of its archaeological sites, nature reserves and its long stretch of white beaches - 6km in total. Further inland the Posada River passes though beautiful woods, where one can take a canoe and see pink Flamingos. It is easy to organise a trip to visit the medieval Fava Castle or go horse riding along the coast.

You can reach Posada easily, since it is near Olbia airport (45 Km) and near Golfo Aranci sea port.
If you are driving from Cagliari or from Olbia, you can drive along the SS 125 as far as Posada. Otherwise, from Alghero, you have to drive along the SS 127 as far as Sassari and then take the SS 131 to Codrongianus and drive on along the SS 597 and 199 as far as Olbia.
From Olbia you have to drive on along the SS 125 and leave it in Posada.

Posada is characterized by a really peculiar natural environment: the seaside, the mouth of the stream Posada with its pool and Mount Albo are all present on the same territory. Near Posada you can go to the wide Su Tirarzu beach and also to Orvile beach, which is next to a pinewood and a pool where you can see the flamingoes (Phenicopterus ruber roseus) and the ash-grey egrets (Ardea Cinerea).

The municipality of Posada is going to realize a fluvial park that will include the mouth of Rio Posada and the nearby Tundu and Lungu pools, in order to protect the territory and the animals that live here and also to preserve such a unique and rich naturalistic heritage.

Of course, in the whole area of Posada you can practice birdwatching, to observe flamingoes and egrets close up.

Finally, we advice you to visit the magnificent beaches with the characteristic shallow and sandy coasts surrounded by the fragrant and varied Mediterranean scrub that are present in this area, in particular San Teodoro (a beach, a pool and a didactic garden for your excursions) and Caletta Budoni beach.

In Posada and its territory the typical dishes are tasty and bound to the shepherd?s Sardinian tradition. We recommend you to taste the Curritholata (a soup made with beans, fennel, bacon fat and sausages), the favata (with broad beans cooked with bacon fat, sausages, pork meat and spices) and the Maccarones (a kind of home made pasta that is turned over a little and thin piece of iron that gives it the typical form of macaroni) served with various kinds of sauces.
The most used kinds of meat are: the lamb (cooked in a tomato sauce and fennel), the porceddu (roasted sucking pig) and the kid, prepared in different ways, all of them accompanied by very good wines as the Malvasia di Bosa and the Vermentino di Gallura.
Among the sweets we recommend you to taste the Aranzada, a typical torrone made with roasted almonds, honey and pieces of orange bark.

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