Summer and Beach in Costa Smeralda

Summer and Beach for holidays in Sardinia in particular in Costa Smeralda.

Porto Cervo, Costa Smeralda?s nerve center, offers large parks, elegant boutiques and exciting nightlife. A stroll down to the marina to gawk at the Mediterranean?s most lavish yachts is de rigeur as is a visit to Stella Maris, a church containing a painting that is thought by many experts to be an El Greco. Just a twenty minute drive south of Porto Cervo lies the exquisite bay of Porto Rotondo, which is a small but well known tourist center. The coastal road offers incomparably beautiful panoramic views of the bluish green shimmering sea, steep cliffs, offshore islands and the spectacular forms of antediluvian mountains.

Mostly known as a wealthy European playground of fabulous beaches, gorgeous turquoise waters and ideal climate; little is known by the outside world about the real Sardinia - practically its own country - with its ancient traditions and fascinating history. With the exception of the Costa Smeralda and seaside resorts, Sardinia and its culture remain largely undiscovered by the rest of the world. Yet with a history dating back thousands of years, distinctive traces to the island's Nuraghic, Phoenician, Roman, Savoyard and Spanish past are still alive in the language, work, art, music, temples, archaeological sites and cuisine.

Our journey will take us to some of the island's most spectacular beaches, the beautiful and timeless mountainous interior, vineyards, tiny villages and fascinating ancient ruins. As you revel in the profound beauty, you will learn about culinary specialties, art, culture and traditions known by a rare few outside of Sardinia - all while enjoying modern day comforts and excellent meals prepared by the by the top chefs on the island. Perhaps best of all, your world will expand - and in a certain place in your heart and soul, your life will change forever. Ours has. This trip is for people who love rustic beauty in luxurious accommodations with modern comforts.

It's for people who want a profound experience. It's for those who like to explore, discover and acquire knowledge - and its for the gourmand traveler, who delights in the culinary pleasures of the world. This is not a true tour in the sense of big tour buses, big groups, big lines, name tags and cattle calls. Our small group, limited to 12 people, will move around easily and unobtrusively throughout Sardinia - not as tourists, but as travelers.

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