Orani Beautiful (Holiday Culture in Sardinia)

Holiday Culture in Nuoro

The little-known town of Orani, 30 km from Nuoro, has an important claim to fame. Housed in its Nivola Museum are remnants and artefacts that capture the heart and soul of Sardinia and its hardy, yet creative population. The museum itself is unusual in that it has been built on what remains of the town's public wash-house, albeit you'd be hard pushed to notice given the building's modern, functional aspect and high-tech touches, like the lighting hidden in the floor.

The museum is named after famous Sardinian artist and sculptor, Costantino Nivola, who was born in Orani. After studying the arts at Monza, Nivola became Art Director with Olivetti before marrying Ruth Guggenheim and moving with her to New York, where he started a long-term collaboration with Le Corbusier. The museum contains a wide range of this prolific sculptor's works, and a visit makes a welcome break from the fatigue of sunbathing on the Costa Smeralda beaches. The staff are extremely helpful, as well as well-informed about other local attractions, and the museum is again unique in that it is open until 23.00 every day.

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