Cagliari gastronomy

The tasty gastronomy from Cagliari contains both the Genoese cooking and the Catalan one. The result is given by varied and singular dishes, as the mazzamurru, that is a soup made with stale bread, the guisau, a kind of stew and the cassola, a fish soup.

Then you can eat the famous malloreddus (hand made little dumplings), of Genoese origin and the burrida (pieces of pickled catfish).
Among the first courses you must taste: the impanadas (fried calzone stuffed with meat and vegetables), the angiulottus or culingiones (ravioli with a filling of ricotta and herbs or meat) and the fregula or succu (a soup made with superfine flour and saffron).

The meat dishes are based on wild boar and game.
The commonest kinds of cheese are the Sardinian pecorino and the fresa, a soft cheese.
There are also different kinds of sweets, as the pardulas (with a base of cheese), the candelaus (small sweets of almond paste aromatized with orange), the sabadas (fried sweet ravioli covered with honey) and the pabassinas (small sweets with raisins).
Among the wines we would like to point out the following ones: the Cannonau, the Malvasia, the Girò,the Nuragos, the Nasco and the Moscato, all of them from Cagliari and all of them with a definite and singular taste.

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